Note to self: the shoes will fall where they may

September 11, 2011

Another year promised, an attempt to enjoy that which before was so difficult.  Cynical and morose, desperate for a smile is no way to travel.  So slap on that grin, straiten it out if you can.  Open those eyes, and actually look around for once.  Of course the world looks grey when you stare at cement.  Chance that which would fill you with trepadation, jump to see how far.  Scoff at how cheesy it is, sure, but press on nonetheless.  If the other option is as poor as you know, stop romantizing it.  There is plenty within reach to tantalize, to satisfy if you would just trust yourself enough to take it.  And if all else fails there is always next year.  For now, go ahead and allow yourself to enjoy the infinite possiblities, and make some of your daydreams reality.  Stop wallowing already you silly goose.  Have some fun.  The shoe will fall where it may.


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