Chill Autumn Night

The air is heavy, soft, and cool,

The sodium lamps create a soft orange glow.

I walk through the thick white blanket.

It soothes and eases the aches i wish to forget.

Drifting over shining pavement,

Across street lamps,

Its as soft as air but slightly damp.

I feel it as it caresses my skin,

I lose myself in it, borne with the wind.

Float, dissipate, lost in the night

Tenuous and free, feeling no fright.

Drive on, drive on.

Headlights piercing the dark, foggy morning.

Dont know where Im going but I feel no worry.

Im losing myself, but I cannot complain,

This is the happiest I’ve been in so many days.

Heart beats heavy but my spirit has flowered,

Thrilled and chilled by the evening showers.

Pitter patter it calls as it falls on my window.

Lightening brightening the sky only to darken then continue.

Sky is groaning, roaring its pain.

As the arcs of light rip through its soft, gray skin.

I lay in my bed, wrapped up and warm.

But I long for the nights when the fog dost form.

Restless I rise from my sheets,

For though they are soft I cannot sleep.

I walk to my window and look outside.

The world is glowing this chill autumn night.


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