open letter to the highschool kids who wake me up in the morning


I get it.  You are having a good time hanging with friends.  You’re young!  Life is exciting.  You have some steam to blow off before you are stuck in some dreadful class listening to some shmuck drone on about crap you don’t even care about.  I know, I was there not that long ago.  And I do mean “there”; I went to East too.  Graduated in ’05.  I know all about wanting to avoid setting foot anywhere near it for as long as possible.  BUT DO YOU HAVE TO DO IT HERE??  I’m trying to sleep in.  I stay up late!  That hour that you are out here yukking it up before school/ during first hour is prime sleeping time for me!  I’ve got to drag my ass to my sorry job, just like you have to drag your ass to school.  I just get to do it a bit later.  So please don’t penalize me!  I’ve worked hard for the privilege of not having to be anywhere before nine in the morning!  I used to have to be at work at five am. FIVE FOR FUCK’S SAKE!  Let me enjoy my newfound freedom to drool on my pillow until the sun is properly up!  Please!  I’m begging you.  I don’t want to be a bitch about it.  You aren’t doing anything wrong per se.  You are just consistently bugging the hell out of me.  As much as sometimes I would like it to be, pissing me off is not illegal.  So please, be cool about it and find somewhere else to hang out.  Or just move farther away from the building.  Or talk more quietly.  I don’t care.  Just let me get some damn sleep!



The irritable sleep-deprived chick 


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