Only a dream to fall asleep to

I can feel it as I’m falling asleep, the breeze through the bathroom window.   I can hear it, the dry rattle as it makes the blinds tremble.  The smell, full of abundance and so fresh, it mingles with the dust from tissue paper, with the musty smell of mold growing behind the paint. My cheek is cool, resting on porcelain.  My legs are caught up under me, but I am comfortable.  I’ve wrapped myself up in a thin blanket and I feel at home, at peace.  I take a deep breath.  I let it out.  It is so bright. The colors popping against my retinas, they are running, flowing, as the pulse of the morning is slowing, slowing, slowing.  Heavy my limbs settle as the muscles relax.  I sigh, comfortable and unthinking.  I close my eyes and rest.


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