All of us trapped on this one little sphere; specks on a speck in an infinite universe.

I have to give credit for this idea to my friend Rachel.  I do so enjoy our goofy conversations!


We each live in a world of our own making; our perceptions skewed with height, with time and memory.  Trapped in our own heads, even the most efficient communication is unable to fully bridge the gap between us.  Our understanding of other people and their motives is flimsy at best, and even then it is only the intellectualization of that which is so often dynamic and in a state of flux (and most likely tainted with our personal preconceptions).  We are irrationality with a fine veneer of logic; each of us a complex network of complexes and impulses cobbled together in (what we hope is) a semblance of competency.  We each are a complicated amalgam of damage old and new, beauty and genius, love and fear, guilt and need and compassion.  It is miraculous.  It is madness.  Seven billion individuals are now breathing, learning, creating, destroying, and changing on this planet.  Seven billion separate points of view, seven billion different interpretations of morals, values, even reality all working (for the most part) in egocentric self-interest. Each of us is the most important thing in our universe, the point from which we draw all conclusions, as our awareness of self is the only thing we can truly trust (if we are capable of even that). With seven billion conceptions of what is right and what is wrong, meaning is fluid and the truth pliable.

So, even as we war with one another, as we systematically destroy the planet, as we buy into dangerous and dysfunctional cultural ideals, we are an amazing species.  The fact that we can work together at all, that more of us don’t simply go mad, that we have accomplished so very much is astounding.

We may be our own doom, but at least we are wildly fascinating.


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