I don’t even know man.

It’s an experiment, eating clear capsules with friends in the attic.

Spangled eyesight, with dilated pupils blurred unclear yet no tears.

Stomach curled, heartbeat racing, sweating cold and busy spacing.

Textured world, the air thick, couches rough on rug-burned skin.

Bright lights, music seeping, I’m not aware but I’m not sleeping.

The world is ending, but it’s ok, a voice is speaking and it’s day, night, day.

Water walking in my mind, we have all lost track of time.

Making sense of nonsense, I forget exactly who I’m with.

Speaking aloud mumbling, the people in my head are chuckling.

In the morning upon waking,

I’m befuddled, bemused, with a head shaking.


I’ll never make any sense of this.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I like the hazy feel to this – a great mood for the topic.


  2. The image is so acutely clear and poignant. I can identify, 100%.


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