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Fragile Optimism

Soaking in effervescence I idly float;

my thoughts buoyant,


but delicate as the iridescent sheen

of a newly-formed bubble


against a knife’s edge,



what does the “K” stand for anyway?

Faded pictures,

from a time before I ever was,

Scrolling up the screen.

The sepia tones on wrinkled paper

Transferred here

For all to see.

Digitized memories,

birthed of old tech,

scanned into

Something they couldn’t have conceived.

There are

Parents and grandparents,

long-lost loves

Captured in their youth and glory.

Clad in styles

Long gone.

Their breasts and bones

Once so luscious and sturdy,

Now clothed only

in sepia celebrations,

and dressed with the nostalgia

of my false recollections.