What the hell?

How does that Popeye quote go? “I yam what I am and that’s all that I yam”? I also hate yams. I’m not terribly funny, but I’ve a great (if questionable) sense of humor and I love to laugh. I’m a dork, but manage to avoid embarrassing myself in most situations. I’m introverted, comfortable with myself (if not with other people-ha!), amusedly cynical, half-heartedly sarcastic, endlessly accepting, intelligent but under-educated, kind but self-serving, and my grins are almost always lopsided. I also like hyphens.

About this blog, it’s the new home of my archived works from other sites, as well as the nesting place for anything new I decide to foist onto the interwubs.  Some of it is cheesy/ melodramatic, most of it melancholic, some is prose, some is poetry.  Most of it is what I come up with while on break at lunch (or while I should be working) so quality and length varies.  Basically I consider this my little sandbox to play around in; it’s not to be taken too seriously!



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  1. Posted by Mike A. on July 25, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Was bored and decided to check in on your wordpress. The one time I met you you left quite the impression on me. Hope you are doing well and that life turn out well for you. If you ever looking for a friend let me know. Regards, Mike A.


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